Check Engine Light (P0496) and EVAP Purge Canistor Swap on Hyundai Accent 07

I had a check engine light on my Hyundai Accent 07 for the longest time. Decided to show you what I did. hopefully that can help some people out. I am not a mechanic. I do like trying to fix things myself!

Skip to 00:35 for how to check engine light
Skip to 2:08 for EVAP Canister explanation
Skip to 4:50 for finished swap. The clips on the tubes (i called it pipe in the video) is moved by using an adjustable pliers. I then zip tied it because the metal seemed real loose and weak when I popped the canister back in.

The link is where I got parts such as the Canister or a Clutch Slave Cylinder:

This whole replacement cost me 40 bucks. Including shipping.

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