HOT MOST WOOOW Dashboard warning lights meaning

Auxiliary dashboard indicators meaning

Overheating of oil in the automatic transmission – this lamp informs the driver of the critical temperature of the transmission oil. Most often, this indicator can be seen on the dashboard of an SUV or a sports car. Like other bulbs, in the case of correct operation of the system, this LED should light up when the ignition is switched on and off when you start the engine. If the light stays on, stop the car without turning off the engine and allow the oil to cool.

T-Belt replacement reminder light is typical for cars with diesel engines. It informs that the approaching 100,000-kilometer line runs and when replacing the timing belt.
There are other indicators that point to the need to replace fluids or planned maintenance. On the dashboard of different car models can meet inscription Maintenance Required, Oil Change, Service, and others.
The symbol on the instrument panel, similar to the pan with steam rising from it, in fact, prevents overheating of the catalytic converter in the exhaust system.
Door opening indicator informs about the opening of the door. If the light stays on after the doors are closed – it is said that one of the doors (including the tailgate) is not completely closed.
Handbrake lamp is always on when the ignition on when the handbrake is on. This indicator reminds the driver that before the motion is necessary to turn off the parking brake.

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